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Korean Bone Broth: Grass-Fed Beef (32oz)

Korean Bone Broth: Grass-Fed Beef (32oz)

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설렁탕 (Seolleongtang)
Authentic Korean-style broth made with 100% grass-fed beef bones.

Unseasoned for maximum versatility in any recipe.


Hearty, rich, delicious.

This bone broth boasts a best-in-class nutrition profile for real health benefits and makes for an unmatched sipping or cooking broth. Replace your morning coffee with this nutrient-packed alternative to give you a better, more nourishing boost.


Made in the traditional Korean style, collagen and marrow from high-quality bones emulsify into the broth for a depth and natural umami you won't find in other broths.

All of our grass-fed beef bones are sourced from local, small-scale, independent farmers whose no-compromise approach to sustainability and animal welfare matches our own.

"Literally the best bone broth I've ever had."


Serving suggestions:

  • Serve piping hot and salt to taste (1/4 tsp per 8oz serving is a good start). Add fresh-ground pepper and aromatics like sliced scallions, minced garlic, or grated ginger.
  • Use as a base in latte drinks or even hot cocoa!
  • Add a few spoonfuls while sautéing ground beef or making chili or stew.

Keep refrigerated up to 30 days.

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