Our Bone Broths

Pure and simple bone broths made the traditional Korean way, with high-quality bones, water, and just the right heat and time. The result is a superior broth that's more than just meat-flavored water; it's full of nutrients and collagen. You can tell because it jiggles when cool, as a proper broth should. Jiggle jiggle!

  • Korean Beef Broth

  • Korean Pork Broth

Our Cooking Fats

Organic and high-quality cooking fats refined to perfection. A superior heat-stable and anti-inflammatory substitute for high-PUFA cooking oils. Ideal for cooking to maximize flavor, health, and purity.

  • Beef Tallow

  • Pork Lard

  • Small Batch

  • Local

  • Regenerative

  • 100% Grass-Fed & Pasture-Raised

  • Nose-to-Tail

Meet our Founder

Edlin's profound personal journey laid the foundation for Heart & Seoul, a passion-driven endeavor rooted in his belief in responsible land stewardship, animal-based nutrition, and cultural wisdom. Fueling his determination is a heartfelt desire to address food waste by adopting a nose-to-tail approach. He aims to leverage the overlooked parts of the animal in the American meat model to build a more sustainable and ethical food system.

Benefits of our Bone Broths

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Benefits of our Cooking Fats

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